Annual Campaign 2022

Annual ❤️ Campaign 2022!

At Accidental Talmudist we share the light of Jewish wisdom with over a million souls around the world, giving them spiritual and practical tools for a meaningful life. Now it's time to transcend the bounds of social media and connect more directly with our community via the brand-new A.T. App in Memory of Moti Kest z”l! We are beta testing the app right now, and plan to debut it soon, God willing!

In 2022 we shared over 150 Torah posts, 300 classes, 50 Thursday Heroes, the weekly Table for Five, the 72 Greatest Jokes of All Time (we’ve counted down to #8) and the AT Podcast, as well as our traditional Torah, humor, wisdom, holidays, and prayer posts. We also started sharing two short teachings every week based on the Torah portion, and these have become very popular, making a huge impact.

By contributing today, you become our partner in sharing Torah with the world, a tremendous merit for you in both this world and the next!

Suggested amount for dedicating an episode of AT Daily! is $180. (Minimum is $54)

Please specify on next screen if gift made in honor, memory or healing of a loved one.

Accidental Talmudist is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

- Complete the A.T. App
- Pay our staff & vendors
- Produce AT Daily!
- Create videos, memes, podcasts and articles that entertain & inspire
- Grow our global community through marketing and other efforts

Thank you for breaking this all down for me. I’m Jewish but learning about my heritage and religion for the first time as an adult. I love your content!
-Jessica M. (Hoboken, NJ)

I think that you are simply the best teacher of Talmud. You take the deep teachings and present them in simplicity and succinctness.
-Fred R. (Pomona, CA)

I would catch a few teachings here and there but most of it was over my head. Your video sessions have kept me going. You are an outstanding teacher and a real mensch. Thank you for all of your time and energy that you take to share the Daf with us each day. It is greatly appreciated!
- Neil G. (Fredericksburg, VA)