Annual Campaign 2024

Annual ❤️ Campaign!

💥 The long-awaited AT App is almost here! You'll be able to directly access our ever-expanding library of videos, articles, and classes - no social media required.

We need your help to finish the app and launch it. This is a major mitzvah opportunity: dedicate a teaching, class or tractate. Every time someone learns Torah at AT, you'll accrue merit in this world and the next!

The more Torah people learn, the sooner peace will come!


Episode of AT Daily - $180
Word of Torah - $360
Torah video - $540
Week of Talmud classes - $770
Tractate of Talmud classes - $1800

Founder and Legacy opportunities still available.

For Zelle, please ask us for the email address to use.

Accidental Talmudist is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.
I think that you are simply the best teacher of Talmud. You take the deep teachings and present them in simplicity and succinctness.
-Fred R. (Pomona, CA)

You are an outstanding teacher and a real mensch. Thank you for all of your time and energy that you take to share the Daf with us each day. It is greatly appreciated!
- Neil G. (Fredericksburg, VA)